Career Progression

No two careers are the same. At Indicio we pride ourselves on finding the right people and helping them grow into their ideal careers. To help you get an idea of how your growth could look at Indicio we have laid out some roles and how you could expect to develop along your career path.

Associate Software Engineer

Associates are often still in school or recent graduates from college or programming bootcamps. This position helps transition new developers from an academic to a company environment and gives the skills and experiences to jumpstart your career. You’ll start by cultivating a firm grasp of decentralized identity and the technology that is required to make it, as well as learning best practices for working on Indicio and open sourced projects. Once you are up to speed you will be regularly contributing to client projects and joining client meetings when necessary.


Software Engineer

Software engineers are full time employees and take on more responsibility than their associate counterparts. In this position you can expect to have more ownership over the client projects you are working on, as well as build client relationships and your own mentorship skills. As you continue to succeed in this role you can expect to be given more independence as you take on and complete projects.


Senior Software Engineer

Senior software engineers are offered a significant amount of responsibility at Indicio. You will be expected to have a deep understanding of the technology, and use this understanding to help mentor and train junior members of the team, as well as help them with blockers. In addition to this you will be able to manage client relationships and projects independently and become a domain expert. 


Tech Lead

Tech leads are the incredibly important heads of the tech team at Indicio. In this position you will have excellent people and leadership skills, and use them to hire, onboard, and mentor the best new employees you can find. Day to day you will be delegating tasks to the team according to skills and experience level, and interface between teams in an effort to drive big picture company goals. A big part of this job is enabling your team to do their best work, removing distractions and blockers, and helping to manage client relationships.

To begin your career journey with Indicio check out our careers page to find the position that is right for you!

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