Government Permits & Licenses

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Quickly ensure only authorized personnel gain access to restricted areas and documents.

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Government Issued Permits

Quickly check permits are up to date and store them all securely in one location on your mobile device. Examples include: food handlers permit, firearm permits, building permits

Professional Licensing

Securely issue tamper-proof credentials to professions which require proper training to keep the public safe. Examples include: lawyers, medical professionals, accountants and more.

State-issued Certifications

Provide an easy way to share proof of training and successful passing of tests. Examples include: teaching credentials, food service certificates, fire and rescue training and more.

Key Benefits

Tamper-proof: unlike passwords these credentials cannot be lost, stolen or copied. The credential is checked to have come from a valid issuer and is stored securely on the end user’s mobile device.

Faster data sharing: credentials allow you to trust data as if it came directly from the issuer, removing the need for multi-factor authentication and allowing you to immediately act on it.

Lower liability: simple interface allows for users to keep any sensitive personally identifying data on their mobile device, making storing and deleting any sensitive information in a regulatory compliant way by the institution unnecessary.

See some specific use cases

Food Handler's Permit

Quickly issue, share, and verify important food safety credentials

First Responder Credential

Ensure only authorized personnel are allowed to work inside emergency areas.

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