Transform your Web3 application development

Verifiable credentials offer the most secure way to easily share and verify data without the need for direct integrations

What can verifiable credentials do for you?

Speed Adoption: Verifiable credentials are interoperable with a wide range of technologies, by adopting them into your solution you increase the number of applications you can interface with as well.

Create Secure Connections: Have confidence in who your interacting with online with tamper-proof credentials, whose data you can trust as if it came straight from the source.

Reduce Liability: Simple interface allows for users to keep any sensitive personally identifying data on their mobile device, and only share what is necessary, making storing and deleting it in a regulatory compliant way unnecessary.

Speed Developement: Verifiable credentials are ready to use today and can be purchased as a complete solution so your developement team can focus on other priorities.

    See the technology in action

    Financial Transactions

    Faster, more secure payments, account access and more

    Know Your Customer

    Simplify following KYC regulations and re-use expensive KYC data

    Data Sharing

    Secure connections allow you to trust any data you receive as if it came straight from the source.

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