Hold, connect, and communicate with Proven™ verifiable credentials

An easy-to-use mobile application for sharing data with trusted connections in a privacy-preserving way. Deploy and scale decentralized identity components built on DIDComm protocols and code from Hyperledger Aries Bifold.

Holdr+ is an essential component for a Trusted Digital Ecosystem

Holdr+ part of the Indicio Proven™ range of Trusted Digital Ecosystems. Indicio Proven solutions are designed to make using decentralized identity technology quick to launch and simple to use. 

Available to download as a stand-alone digital wallet, Holdr+ can hold and share a variety of verifiable digital credentials and interoperate with multiple Trusted Digital Ecosystems.

Release Notes

  • Built from Hyperledger Aries Bifold open source code
  • Interoperable with other Aries-compatible solutions
  • Communicates using advanced DID:Comm messaging

Holdr + is highly customizable! Contact us to let Indicio make a mobile application to reflect your brand!

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