Hold, connect, and communicate with verifiable credentials

An easy-to-use mobile application for sharing data with trusted connections in a privacy-preserving way. Deploy and scale decentralized identity components built on DIDComm protocols and code from Hyperledger Aries Bifold.

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The easy button for trusted communication

Use Holdr+ as a starting point for building your own wallet or use it as is to start storing and sharing verifiable credentials today.

  • Built on open-source Hyperledger Aries Bifold
  • Collect and share credentials from any Aries-compatible solutions
  • Secure messaging and communication using mutually authenticated DIDComm protocols
  • Intuitive interface built for accessibility and convenience
  • Options for incorporating your branding

Holdr+ is part of the Indicio Proven™ range of Trusted Digital Ecosystems, designed to make decentralized identity technology quick to launch and simple to use.