Verifiable Credentials

A verifiable credential is a set of tamper-proof claims and metadata that can cryptographically prove who issued it.

What are verifiable credentials good for?

Combating Fraud

Verifable credentials can be thought of as “tamper-proof” because they share the data of who issued them and any changes made are apparent to the verifier, allowing you to trust the credential as much as you trust the issuing party.

Reducing Liability

Verifiable credentials allow the end user to share only the data necessary with organizations they interact with, removing the need to store or delete personally identifying information in a regulatorily compliant way.

Increasing Efficiency

Verifiable credentials allow you to trust data as if it came straight from the source, meaning your team can immedietly act on the data presented without the need for multifactor authentication or other means of double checking.

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Types of verifiable credentials

Indicio commonly uses Anoncreds, SD JWTs, JSON-LD, JSON-LD BBS+, Open Badges 3.0, W3C, Mobile Drivers Licence. Let us know if you don’t see the credential type you want to use in this list and we are happy to work with you to create the solution you need.

Business use cases for verifiable credentials

Know your Customer

Simplify following KYC regulations and re-use expensive KYC data

Access Management

Quickly issue, share, and verify important employee access information

Data Sharing

Send and receive sensitive data with confidence

How Indicio can help

Indicio offers ready to use verifiable credentials solutions built on open-source technology to create as much of a “plug and play” experience for your organization as possible. Our team is also happy to work with you to build a custom solution if you have specific needs for your project.

A key benefit to building with Indicio is that our solutions are flexible and can be hosted and deployed wherever you want, whether that be on prem, google cloud, aws, azure, linode, digital ocean, and more.

Benefits of building on open-source include on-going development and updates to the base technology, and a community of developers familiar with the space to avoid vendor lock-in for your project.

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