Create Trusted Digital Ecosystems for health data

Verifiable credentials improve the patient and health professional experience at every step of their journey

What can verifiable credentials do for you?

Reduce Fraud: Verify tamper-proof credentials instantly, whether they store patient records, insurance information, or a doctor’s access badge, you know you can trust the data as much as you would trust the source.

Reduce Liability: Simple interface allows for patients to keep any sensitive personally identifying data on their mobile device, and only share what is necessary, making storing and deleting that data in a regulatory compliant way unnecessary.

Increase efficiency: Remove the need for contacting third parties for new patient records, patients can keep their health records securely on their mobile device.

Enhance Security: Unlike an access badge or passwords verifiable credentials cannot be lost or stolen, and create more confidence in your access management solution.

    See the technology in action

    Employee Access Management

    Quickly issue, share, and verify important employee access information

    Know your Customer

    Simplify following KYC regulations and re-use expensive KYC data

    Data Sharing

    Secure connections allow your team to trust any data you receive as if it came straight from the source.

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