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Joining the Indicio Network Consortium is the start of building a rewarding partnership where you’ll work and connect with innovative companies and organizations running on the Indicio Networks. Members of the Consortium join for free, get complementary training and support, and have access to networking promotional opportunities.

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All the benefits of using decentralized identity rely the work of Node Operators and Transaction Endorsers. So, thank you!

Consortium members play a vital role in the Indicio Network. This means companies and organizations volunteer to run a copy of the ledger on a server that is under their authority. This allows for multiple copies of the ledger distributed across multiple nodes that form a decentralized network. A distributed ledger is the essential element for building and supporting Trusted Digital Ecosystems.

Indicio Network Consortium Members

Benefits of Joining the Consortium


Connect with innovators and set yourself apart as a leader in the Enterprise Blockchain Community. Build mutually beneficial relationships with peers by sharing how your business is using blockchain technology and highlighting your progress and achievements.


Learn from the best in the space, including Indicio executives. Share and demonstrate your technology with other Consortium members to accelerate the development of your own solutions and this cutting edge technology.


Grow your business and reach new audiences with Indicio’s support and amplification. Receive discounts on other Indicio products and services.

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What differentiates the Indicio Network Consortium?

It’s Cost Effective
$70 – $150 per month depending on hosting type.
Our Stable Network
The Indicio Network is a professionally maintained network.
Ongoing Professional Assistance
Indicio has dedicated engineers to assist with node set up, maintenance, and updates.
The Global Presence 
There are Board of Trustee members, Ledger Writers, and Node Operators around the world and we’re growing!

Become a Transaction Endorser

Businesses, governments, and organizations can apply to become a Transaction Endorser on the Indicio MainNet. Select one of our simple and affordable write packages, you can also take the hassle out of writing ledger transactions with the Indicio Transaction Endorser Wizard. 

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Indicio develops enterprise-class verifiable data solutions that optimize your existing systems, ensuring digital privacy, efficiency, and trust.

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