Indicio Network Consortium

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Join the Indicio Network Consortium for free to work and connect with innovative companies and organizations running nodes on our networks. The Indicio Network is global and maintained in a shared, collaborative, and consensus driven way. As a Public Benefit Corporation we offer free and low-cost access to distributed ledger networks to create a better digital world for everyone.

Global Community

Nodes for the Indicio Networks are hosted globally across six continents. As a member you’ll connect with leaders in the Enterprise Blockchain Community and forge new relationships.


Grow your business, enhance your solutions, and reach new audiences with Indicio’s technical support and marketing amplification. As a member you’ll have access to training and receive discounts on Indicio products and services.


Professional management and ongoing development work continually improve and strengthen the Indicio Networks. Get opportunities to partner with Indicio and Consortium members to accelerate the development of your solutions.


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Setting up a node is easy

Indicio has dedicated engineers to assist with node set up, maintenance, and updates. Hosting a node is cost effective and there are different hosting options available. There’s also financial support for non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Apply to join the Consoritum and become an Indicio Node Operator. We support Hyperledger Indy and many other distributed ledger networks. Or Indicio Node on Demand (NoDe) on Google Cloud makes it easy to launch a node and to keep it up to date with the latest code.

Meet the Indicio Consortium Members





Liquid Avatar

Digital Trust Laboratory


Snow Bridge



Absolutely Zero Cyber


Blockster Labs



Lorica Identity


Become a Transaction Endorser

Node Operators are eligible to become Transaction Endorsers on the Indicio MainNet. This provides additional revenue opportunities for your decentralized identity business model. All active Node Operators recive a 25% discount. Contact us for more information on getting set up.


Everyone Node Operators
Unlimited ledger writes annually: $5,000 
Unlimited ledger writes annually: $3,750 
100 ledger writes annually: $2,500 
100 ledger writes annually: $1,875