Private Networks


There are some customers who may decide they would prefer a private network over the inexpensive, publicly available Indicio MainNet. With years of experience in decentralized network development and management, our expert staff can build you a customized private network that meets your business or organizational needs—and we can do it in days not weeks. We’ll show you how to run it, and we’ll provide you with all the engineering support you need.

Get To Market Fast

We’ll get your network up and running in days. We understand the importance of being agile in today’s market and we’ve assembled an industry-leading team of engineers who will set up your network quickly and efficiently. We have your service support and advice—every step of the way.

Get building today

With a private network, you can start building and testing your  Trusted Data Ecosystem before deploying them in public. You get to understand the the innovative potential of decentralized identity from the inside. Set up the governance that meets your and your customers’ needs.

Make it interoperable

You want your network to be private; trust us, you also need it to be interoperable. We build on Hyperledger Indy, the most widely used interoperable platform for decentralized identity. We give you the added functionality and business flexibility that a stand-alone network can’t provide.

Why go private?

Make your network for your own use. Governments, scientists, financial institutions, enterprise services, and specialized groups and services need to have control over where the network is hosted, which organizations are part of their network, who can write to the ledger, and how the network is governed. With our customizable Private Network Services, you can have this control.


Get the network you need–fast!


Conduct security and vulnerability tests on your own, private, production level network.


Make your own easily reset network, specifically for trying out the newest code.


Showcase the reliability of your product in public demonstrations on your very own network.


Deploy your solutions live with a robust and trustworthy network of your own.

What is a private network?

In Trusted Digital Ecosystems, a private network refers to a network that requires permission to use. These “permissioned” networks allow companies or organizations with shared and specific interests and goals to provide verifiable information to their customers or stakeholders. You could, for example, use a private network for managing a supply chain, a government may want to control a private network for a particular purpose, or someone could spin up a private network to conduct specific testing.

Private networks gain power through using interoperable agents. This means that credentials created for use on one private network could have the option to also be verified on other networks, whether public or private. This creates a “network-of-networks effect,” and ensures long-term business flexibility.

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