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Indicio is the market leader in developing open source Trusted Digital Ecosystems for sharing verifiable data and developing trusted, secure relationships. With its flagship product range, Proven™, Indicio provides companies with an easy way to integrate, deploy, and scale decentralized identity, SSI, and verifiable credential solutions, manage data privacy, and avail of enhanced, Zero-Trust enabling security.

Specializing in applications for financial, healthcare, and travel markets, Indicio enables its global customers to issue, hold, and verify data by using encrypted, tamper-proof digital credentials. These verifiable credentials allow companies to confirm data authenticity repeatedly and efficiently from its source without the expense or risk of direct integrations.

Indicio’s Trusted Digital Ecosystems, global decentralized network, and field-leading software are designed to make Web 2.0 and Web3 digital transformation easy, to simplify data compliance through privacy-by-design architecture, and to boost bottom-line profit. Companies can now build new business models around immediately actionable, trusted, verifiable data and relationships, and enhance their reputation for information privacy and Zero-Trust security.

Our Mission

Indicio is a women-owned business, WOSB certified, helping customers develop the essential enterprise, app, and cloud agents to create interoperable decentralized identity-based products and services. We are reimagining identity.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Indicio is committed to advancing decentralized identity as a public good that enables people to control their online identities and share their data by consent. Identity and application teams rely on Indicio’s simplicity, extensibility, and expertise to build Trusted Digital Ecosystems that make trusted data work for everyone.

In a letter from our CEO, Heather Dahl explains more about who we are and what we do.

Public Benefit Corporation

Founded in 2020, on the belief in privacy and security by design, Indicio supports the open source and interoperability goals of the decentralized identity community. Indicio is committed to advancing decentralized identity as a public good that enables people to control their identities online and share their data by consent. Identity should be simple, inclusive, and work for everyone.

Awards and Recognition

Indicio wins the SuperNova Award from Constellation Research for Disruptive Technology Leadership in Digital Safety, Governance, and Privacy

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Heather Dahl Named Finalist in 2022 WEB3 & BLOCKCHAIN TRANSFORMATION AWARDS by The Blockchain Research Institute
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Indicio Named Finalist in 2022 SuperNova Awards by Constellation Research
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Top Early-Stage Teams To Look Out for in 2022
Indicio Named Top 20 teams in B2B solutions
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SITA named KuppingerCole European Identity and Cloud Conference, Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials, 2022
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Char Howland, Software Engineer, Indicio – Recognized for her active role in the Hyperledger Aries/Identity community, including running the identity implementers calls and welcoming new members to that growing community.

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Enterprise Blockchain Awards 2021
Winner, Blockchain Leadership, Ken Ebert, CTO

Finalist, Blockchain Services Award: Tools & Middleware category
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CRN Tech Impact Awards

Indicio Named Finalist, Social Impact Category

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IDC Future Enterprise 2021, Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure North America Awards
Indicio Named Finalist, Ubiquitous Deployment
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Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Trusted User Interface for Digital Wallets Challenge, 2020
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Our Engineering Teams

The engineering teams at Indicio are composed of some of the brightest engineering minds in decentralized identity today. Contact us for details about our teams, their expertise, and backgrounds.

We’re excited to introduce you to them.

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Indicio develops enterprise-class verifiable data solutions that optimize your existing systems, ensuring digital privacy, efficiency, and trust.

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