Training Workshops


Get up to speed on verifiable credentials,
decentralized identity and Trusted Digital Ecosystems

Indicio offers customized training and workshops for either technical or non-technical audiences, complete with hands-on instruction. Learn about the power of verifiable credentials by getting to issue, hold, and verify a credential.

Walk through the key use cases, how the technology is evolving, and the business lessons learned from with experienced instrcutors who have delivered Trusted Digital Ecosystems for global clients across a range of sectors.

Interested in an in-person workshop?
Let our team can come to you! Contact us for details

Indicio Learning Academy Course Catalogue:



Comprehensive Introduction to Decentralized Identity Workshop

Hands-on learning designed to give your business or organization an in-depth, understanding of how decentralized identity works. You’ll create, issue, and verify a credential. Then we’ll show you how to design a proof of concept.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an initial consultation?

Prior to your training, we will synch with your team to prepare the relevant topics to get you and your team immersed in the digital identity space. This conversation can be done virtual or by email.

Will the training be customized for my industry?

Yes, it will. We specialize in government, financial services, education, aviation, and healthcare.

If I want a different type of package what do I do?
If you’d like a different type of training, please contact us to set up a call with the team and we’ll work with you to design the perfect fit.
Is the training in person or virtual?

We offer both! Online training is available during Covid-19 travel restrictions. If you’d like us to come to you there will be some added costs but we’re happy to travel as soon as travel restrictions are removed.

What if I want more than just a day of training?

We can do customized consulting for longer periods of time. Contact us to set up a call with our team to talk through your needs.

How many people can join the training?

Since most of our trainings are hands-on, the best experience is with a maximum of eight people at a time.