A simple solution for adding digital wallet functionality to your existing mobile applications

Key Benefits

A single source for developers

A single source for all the code needed to add interoperable digital wallets to existing applications.

Use multiple libraries

This SDK contains packages for Swift, Kotlin, and React Native — all compiled from a single code base, making it easy to develop apps for both iOS and Android. 

Keep customers in your application

You want your customers spending their time and money in your environment and not forwarded to a third party.

Save your team time and energy

With the Proven Mobile SDK you don’t have to worry about mastering new coding languages or skills: we’ve done the hard work for you and the code has been tested across multiple implementations. Your team is free to focus on delivering solutions fast.

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Build the ability to interact with verifiable credentials into existing applications, creating more security for the end user without the need for a third-party platform.


Create more secure authentication systems through tamper-proof credentials that cannot be lost or stolen like passwords.


Offer more ways to interact with students. Secure DIDComm connections allow for quick, mutually authenticated communication and more!

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