Hosting Services

Take the guesswork out of hosting and running your Trusted Digital Ecosystem

With years of experience in decentralized network development and management, Indicio can build and host your private network, manage your node, and run your Trusted Digital Ecosystem—while you focus on your business and customers, not the code.

current offerings

Validator Nodes

Validator nodes support a network by maintaining a copy of the distributed ledger and keeping the system secure. We provide easy, quick node set up and managing services to meet your technical and business needs.

Private Networks

Looking to spin up your own private network for your Trusted Digital Ecosystem? Avoid the hassles of getting nodes online and keeping them up to date. Let our experienced team support your private network.

Identity applications

Agents are key components in a Trusted Digital Ecosystem. Types include enterprise, mobile, and mediator. Keep your agents updated and working optimally with Indicio’s complete hosting services.

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