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A new era of travel

Digital Travel Credentials improve the passenger experience at every step of their journey through the travel ribbon, creating new opportunities for airlines, airports, and the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Indicio has created a simple, effective, and robust way to advance the digital transformation of travel and enhance the passenger experience through DTC verifiable credentials.

Adopt this fully open source solution to meet ICAO DTC standards.

Streamline the travel journey with a trusted, verifiable, digital travel credential

Reduce lines

Check in and clear borders before arriving at the airport. Skip long lines, remove manual document checks, keep passengers happy.

Reduce fraud

Verify tamper-proof, privacy-preserving and verifiable DTC credentials—shared on encrypted channels, tied to biometrics. 

Increase efficiency

Give passengers control of their data using privacy by design technology. Remove complex integrations and the need for third parties to store data.

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“We need to open up the world of travel, safely and securely, by moving ahead in terms of digital credentials to automate and simplify the passenger experience. Working with Indicio, the trial with Aruba is a huge step in showing we can achieve digital travel, making the journey convenient, safe and stress-free for passengers, while at the same time saving airlines and governments considerable valuable time in verifying credentials.”

Matthys Serfontein

SITA President, Americas

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Indicio develops enterprise-class verifiable data solutions that optimize your existing systems, ensuring digital privacy, efficiency, and trust.

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