Know Your Customer

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Simplify following KYC regulations and reuse expensive KYC data

Specially designed for use by

Financial Institutions

Save your team time and money by eliminating time consuming paper document based systems and being able to re-use KYC data.


Securely issue tamper-proof credentials to prove KYC without the need for multiple documents or lengthy processes.


Securely share expensive KYC data easily both internally and with partner organizations.

Key Benefits

Tamper-proof: unlike paper documents these credentials cannot be falsified, any changes are immedietly noticable and the verifier checks to see that the issuer is a qualified entity.

Faster transactions: credentials allow you to trust data as if it came directly from the issuer, removing the need for multiple documents.

Re-use KYC: Because credentials can be trusted as if they came directly from the source you can easily share them within your organization and with any partner organizations that also require KYC.

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