Verifiable credentials and Open Badges

Create verifiable records of achievements and skills, controlled independently from the constraints of third-party platforms.

What are Indicio Open Badges good for?

Learn more about the Open Badges 3.0 standard here.

Enhanced portability

Store information in a verifiable credential held on the end user’s mobile device that can be controled and shared, either in full or select parts, anywhere and anytime.

Verifiable records

Easily share details about certifications, qualifications, and achievements on social media or other platforms using interoperable verification technology.

Platform agnostic

Remove the need for a centralized Open Badges platform so users have control over their privacy and can consent to share their data in secure, privacy-preserving ways.

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Business use cases for Open Badges

Education certificates, diplomas, and records

Simplify sharing of information related to an earned degree or the individual completed coursework.

Government issued permits and licenses

Create scaleable ways to share sensitive data and documents using privacy-preserving tools.

Machine readable information verification

Create faster, more secure ways to verify the data during hiring and interview processes.

How Indicio Can Help

Indicio offers ready-to-use Open Badges through verifiable credentials. The key difference between open badges using verifiable credentials and regular Open Badges is the ability through decentralization to hold and store your own badge. 

Open Badges are often stored and managed on third-party providers or platforms. But what happens in 20 years if that provider goes out of business or you don’t communicate with your university anymore?

By storing the badge as a verifiable credential, it can be directly held and controlled by the person who earned the achievement, and removes the reliance on third-party providers or platform for both storage and verification.

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