A Decentralized network for Identity

Indicio DemoNet

The Indicio DemoNet uses the open-source technology of Hyperledger IndyAries and Ursa to provide a stable network platform for demonstrating your decentralized identity solution. Combined with access to our team of experienced engineers, you’ll have the hands-on support you need to showcase your innovation.

Enterprise-grade networks for developing, demonstrating, and launching your decentralized identity products and services

Indicio TestNet

The platform to  get your proof-of-concept up and running. Develop and test with the support of our engineering team. 

Indicio DemoNet

The platform to showcase those all-important demonstrations in front of your c-suite and your clients. We have your back.

Indicio MainNet

The platform to run enterprise- grade, mission-critical identity products and services with full. professional support.

Node Operator program

Want to become part of an innovative team of companies building the future of decentralized identity? Then why not volunteer to support one of the nodes on our networks? You’ll host a copy of the ledger and have the opportunity to learn how a decentralized identity network is run from the inside. Eligible Node Operators may also receive the Indicio business service support package for your first year in the program!

Support Packages

For those that may need dedicated support or assistance, we offer a range of packages to suit your business and development needs.

Eligible Node Operators receive one year of complimentary business level support!

*All response will be conducted during business hours as stated in terms and conditions

Start writing to the TestNet today!

To begin using the TestNet, follow these steps:

  • Review the Indicio.tech TestNet Support package options. 
  • Purchase a Startup or Business Support Package. 
  • Create a public DID (decentralized identifier). This can be done with the indy-cli or with the Aries Toolbox or another app, or by  following these instructions.

Then, click here to get the DID written to the TestNet.

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