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The Indicio Academy offers training and professional certification to nurture expertise in open-source decentralized identity technology.

Business leaders, marketers, sales teams, along with engineers, architects, and developers can learn how to build and deploy successful Trusted Digital Ecosystems for creating and sharing verifiable data.

Why take an Indicio Academy course?

Digital transformation is happening right now. Decentralized technologies are changing every industry and the public sector, delivering efficiency and reducing error by creating new seamless processes, products, and services — all built on trusted data and delivered through privacy-preserving verifiable credentials.

Get a competitive advantage by having an expertly-trained team who knows the latest innovations and has the right skills to build and take them to market.

Indicio Academy professional certifications

This three-hour course series is the pre-requisite certification that introduces participants to the concepts and components of decentralized identity technology and is designed for anyone who wants to learn about the technology and its business applications. There are no technical requirements for enrolling. Over three one-hour modules participants will learn about the power of decentralized identity and verifiable credentials, how to design solutions for commercial and public sector applications through creating Trusted Digital Ecosystems, and how to communicate the value of these ecosystems to non-technical audiences. This course is a prerequisite for taking more advanced certificate courses.

Trusted Digital Ecosystem Foundations Delve into trusted digital ecosystems and how they can change the way you do business. You’ll learn about the history of data sharing, the lack of trust in digital relationships, encrypted peer-to-peer communications, the role of the ledger, and how these pieces align to create a useful product.
Trusted Digital Ecosystem Process Architecture Learn the relevant specifics of the issuer and verifier software, including a walk-through of the agents’ user interfaces.
Trusted Digital Ecosystem Customer Development Understand the winning strategies, and pitfalls to avoid, when communicating decentralized identity to customers, internal stakeholders, and the world.

Each module is 1-hour, total course time = 3 hours

This advanced course is designed for executives, directors, business development, marketing, communications, public relations, and sales. It focuses on the business of decentralized identity and how to monetize verifiable data in Trusted Digital Ecosystems, especially through creating seamless processes. Participants will also learn how to manage the governance requirements for decentralized identity infrastructure and how to simplify the process of implementation of governance rules for participants in a Trusted Digital Ecosystem.

Must have first completed the TDE Certification 

Trusted Digital Ecosystem Business Applications Delve into your market vertical to define and model the business value translation of verifiable credentials through specific use case analysis and discussion.
Trusted Digital Ecosystem Governance Administration Learn about different kinds of governance and how they apply to your Trusted Digital Ecosystem. You will discuss concepts, data privacy law, and learn about machine-readable approaches to implementing governance rules including a demo of Decentralized Ecosystem Governance, currently being developed as a specification at the Decentralized Identity Foundation. 

Each module is 1-hour, total course time = 2 hours

This certificate is specifically designed for developers, engineers, and architects and covers agent architecture, with a focus on mobile holder agents, mediation, connections, holding and presenting credentials, and using advanced DIDComm features. The second component focuses on how to successfully run a solution demonstration, including what to test prior to demonstration and how to present an effective solution deck.

Must have first completed the TDE Certification 

Trusted Digital Ecosystem User Privacy, Custody, and Control

An introduction into the basics of mobile holder agents, including mediation, connections, holding and presenting credentials, and utilizing advanced DIDComm features. You will gain an understanding of agent architecture and the features specific to the Holdr+ agent.
Trusted Digital Ecosystem Technical Showcase Understand how to run trust network demos. You’ll learn about testing the environment before demo, who to contact if issues with demo, and how to create decks explaining the benefits of the technology.

Each module is 1-hour, total course time = 2 hours

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