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Indicio Proven® is our award-winning verifiable data and identity solution that helps you deliver efficient digital experiences to your customers, gain a competitive edge, and transform your business.

Issue. Share. Verify. Trust.

Indicio Proven delivers smarter, leaner data and identity verification to support modern, more efficient operations. Our complete, out-of-the-box solution works with the systems you have and transforms them into the efficient, easy to use solutions you’ve always wanted.

Get the same fast, lightweight, and easy to implement software that Indicio’s customers around the world rely on to solve their toughest data and identity problems.

Experience the power of streamlined data verification!

Use across any industry


Quickly issue, share, and verify important travel information


Faster, more secure account access, payments, KYC and more


Remove the need for paper processes and provide more efficient documentation for students

Everything you need to get started.

Proven is easy to use and fast to implement. Sold as either a full solution, or just the peices you need, it lets your team ditch time consuming paper processes and create processes that are more efficient and user-friendly.

  • Enterprise Issuer Agent
  • Enterprise Verifier Agent
  • Scaleable Cloud Mediator
  • Hosting options
  • Machine-readable governance
  • Enterprise ledger
  • Interoperable mobile wallet
  • Schema, cred def

Expert support

Indicio Proven is built on open-source projects, open-standards and protocols, giving you the latest technologies from across the community and access to a wealth of resources and continuous support and training from industry experts.


  • Hyperledger Indy
  • Hyperledger AnonCreds
  • Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF)
  • Trust over IP Foundation
  • IEEE Spacial Web
  • Cardea Labs
  • ISO
  • Digital Travel Credential (DTC)
  • Mobile Drivers Licence
  • eIDAS
  • W3C VC format
  • OID4VC
  • Credential API Protocols

Learn about the underlying technologies

Tamper-proof, verifiable data requires the use of technologies that might sound complex or you may not be familiar with, we break down some of the pieces we use and why here.


Enjoy Indicio’s award-winning technology and support risk-free with a 30-day free trial.

The Proven Mobile SDK is a simple, singular solution for adding digital wallet functionality to your existing mobile applications without the need for a third party.

No new coding knowledge is needed; with packages for Swift, Kotlin, and React Native your team can quickly adopt this technology in the language of their choice and focus on delivering your solutions fast.

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