Direct communication with trusted connections

Create trustworthy relationships between people and businesses in a privacy-preserving way

DIDComm creates value when trust is essential

Rich Communication

Take your communicaitons to the next level with advanced messaging, voice, video and file transfer. Advance your services, business, and the value you bring to your customers and partners.


Reduce dependence on third-party services that stand between you and your customers. Enhance existing systems, upgrade your communication channels, and improve essential business operations.

Business Expansion

Create and maintain digital relationships for business applications of all sorts. Scheduling events, negotiating contracts, issuing licenses and permits, presenting tickets for travel, applying to employers or schools or banks, arranging healthcare, playing games, voting and more.

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How does DIDComm work?

DIDComm (short for Decentralized Identifier Communication) is an open source protocol for creating a direct, encrypted line of communication between the owners of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), and allow individuals using a combination of mobile phones and other internet-enabled devices to be full participants in trusted interactions. With DIDComm you can communicate directly, and securely, with other trusted parties without cumbersome and intrusive interventions by third-party services.

What distinguishes the DIDComm economy?

DIDComm can also be used to facilitate interactions within other protocols and transforms business by allowing completely different applications to interact and share data.

DIDComm delivers:

  • Secure, encrypted, peer-to-peer authentication
  • No need for direct integration
  • No need for high availability
  • Offline functionality
  • Easy permissioning on complex data flows
  • Easier processing
  • Accessibility
  • Speed
  • Low cost
  • Zero Trust security profile


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