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Deliver digital privacy and ensure trust

Easy to use

People collect a verifiable credential in their mobile device and, with a simple scan, you can verify the information and people can use it across agencies and even businesses.

Privacy by design

This product is built to ensure privacy. People who provide the required information can be issued with a unique, verifiable credential using blockchain technology.

Trusted verification

Trusted Digital Ecosystems are an evolutionary leap forward in individual privacy protection and security, allowing users to control their data and trusted by those they share it with.

Customer Success:
Aruba Happy Traveler Card

Indicio, together with SITA and the Aruba Health Department, created the Aruba Health App to make it easy for visitors to share a trusted traveler credential — based on their health status — privately and securely on their mobile device. Find out how, by using blockchain technology, this credential is used in a Trusted Digital Ecosystem to provide access to participating hospitality sites on the island in a more secure and confidential way.

Imagine walking through an airport without ever having to handle your travel documents.

A recent poll from IATA highlighted that 78% of passengers who took part in the survey would only use a travel credential app if they have full control over their data.

Build on our experience for your solution

Indicio’s Government health pass identity solution for SITA is highly replicable beyond the travel and tourism use case and easy to integrate with existing systems from all industries.

Learn more about using Trusted Digital Ecosystems to create private, easy-to-use, secure credentials for any enterprise, business, government or organization.

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Indicio develops enterprise-class verifiable data solutions that optimize your existing systems, ensuring digital privacy, efficiency, and trust.

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