Simplify adoption of open source verifiable credentials with Google Cloud

Adopting open source verifiable credentials efficiently can be challenging. Indicio and Google Cloud simplify your journey with flexible, proven, and complete solutions.

current offerings

Indicio Proven™

Dive in and explore verifiable credential technology for seamless, trusted data sharing and verification using Indicio’s award-winning Proven ecosystem. Get support from Indicio’s team of field-leading experts. Learn the technology with discounted access to the Indicio Academy workshops and training modules. Read the announcement.

Indicio Mediator on Google Cloud

Make your verifiable credentials work on mobile devices. Hosted on Google Cloud, Indicio’s powerful mediator agent is a critical component to any decentralized identity system, making it possible to issue and verify credentials and messages held on devices without fixed IP addresses such as Mobile Agents for any Hyperledger Indy-based network.

Indicio NoDe on Google Cloud

Create a public or private Hyperledger Indy-based network node on Google Cloud. Indicio Node-on-Demand for Hyperledger Indy is the easy and quick way to host a decentralized identity network node by simplifying the creation and management of a network validator node, hosted on Google Cloud. Read the announcement.

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