Your enterprise-grade network for delivering fast, powerful decentralized identity solutions.

What is a decentralized network?

A decentralized network provides a layer of cryptographic trust and a source of truth for your solution. Through cryptography and metadata alone you will always be able to know who wrote to the distributed ledger, who issued a credential, and that the information in the credential has not been tampered with.

Decentralized networks remove the need for personal data to be stored in siloed databases. In doing this, they provide a simple way to comply with data privacy law and remove the risk from data being stored in third-party databases.

No personal data is ever written to a distributed network. The end user holds and has full control over their data, including who they share it with and how it is shared.

Indicio has three publicly available networks for verifiable credential solutions, the MainNet, TestNet, and DemoNet, and can also provide private networks for internal testing or development. All networks are professionally staffed and cater to different use cases.

Why use Indicio’s network


This proffessionally-staffed network ensures a you have a dependable, stable place to build mission critical products and services.


Indicio has nodes across five continents, providing a robust decentralized network you can rely on. Learn more about our Indicio Network Consortium.


This network provides a home for any use case, industry, and organization — our architects and engineers have years of experience and are standing by to help you build and deploy your product or service.

Become a Transaction Endoser to start writing to the network today

Simple, straightforward pricing makes getting started a breeze. Please fill out your contact information and what you would be interested in learning more about and our team will be in touch.

Unlimited writes to the network: $5000

100 writes to the network per year: $2500

Up to 25% off available for parties interested in operating a node on the network.