A Decentralized network for Identity

Indicio MainNet

An enterprise-grade platform for delivering your decentralized identity products and services

The Indicio MaintNet is a professionally-staffed network for enterprise-grade decentralized identity solutions. It uses the open-source technology of Hyperledger IndyAries and Ursa to provide a neutral, independent, and reliable network for the exchange of verifiable credentials. Combined with access to our team of experienced engineers, you’ll have the hands-on support you need to deliver results from a network you can depend on.


Our MainNet is supported by experienced staff using the latest network monitoring tools to ensure a you have a dependable, stable network for mission critical products and services.


As a public benefit company, the MainNet is our critical contribution to advancing decentralized identity around the world. We have nodes on five continents—and a growing number of node operators.


Our MainNet support all kinds of use cases, industries, and organizations—and our  architects and engineers are ready to help you build and deploy your product or service. 

Two ways to write to the MainNet

To write to the ledger, you  need to sign a “Transaction Author” agreement and have this approved by  a “Transaction Endorser.” They may charge a fee for doing this. This is the simplest way of writing to the ledger.  Currently, Indicio’s Transaction Endorsers are (click on the link to contact them):

Alternatively, you can apply to become a Transaction Endorser. This requires more technical knowledge and signing up for an Indicio write package. For more details and  an application, click here.

To learn more about the policies governing  the MainNet and writing to the ledger, click here.

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