Our Commitment to Public Benefit

Our Mission

Founded in 2020, on the belief in privacy and security by design, Indicio supports the open source and interoperability goals of the decentralized identity community. Indicio is committed to advancing decentralized identity as a public good that enables people to control their identities online and share their data by consent. Identity should be simple, inclusive, and work for everyone.

Indicio helps customers to develop the essential enterprise, app, and cloud agents that create interoperable decentralized identity-based products and services. We are reimagining identity.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, and a women-owned business, WSOB certified, Indicio is committed to advancing decentralized identity as a public good that enables all people to control their online identities and share their data by consent.

Indicio offers simplicity, speed, and our deep expertise in building full decentralized identity solutions that make trusted data work for everyone.

Learn more about Indicio’s efforts to allow individuals to control their identity online in our public benefit report

As part of our public benefit mission Indicio provides multiple enterprise-grade networks for developing, demonstrating, and launching your decentralized identity products

The TestNet

Free-to-use platform to get your proof-of-concept up and running. Develop and test with the support of our engineering team.

The DemoNet

Free-to-use platform to showcase those all-important demonstrations in front of your c-suite and your customers.

Private Networks

A customized private network that meets your business or organizational needs. Ready to go in days, not weeks.

For full customer facing productions we recommend hosting your project on our MainNet

Indicio has helped create a variety of networking tools and services available for your use:

You can check for updates or outages on the Indicio networks here

Is decentralized identity bad for the environment?

The short answer is no, the decentralized identity technology Indicio creates uses a tiny fraction of the energy that one might associate with other decentralized solutions such as a token on a blockchain. Read our full breakdown here. 

Memberships include

Indicio proudly dedicates time from our team to advance the efforts of several open-source innitiatives. See a calendar of where you can find some of our engineers here.