Speed up development by using this diagnostic tool to verify what you’ve written to the Indicio ledger.

How to check what you’ve written to the Indicio ledger makes it possible for developers to quickly search and read the various writes to distributed ledgers with a user-friendly front-end and easy-to-use ‘search’ function.

While Indicio’s ledgers are public and readable by anyone, they, like other networks, require special code to make it possible to download, access, and then read the transactions. IndyScan provides this service, and allows developers to speed up the process of checking for bugs, verifying writes, and reusing existing writes, all of which shortens development time and enhances interoperability.

IndyScan was first created and open sourced by Patrik Stas, and developers who want to know more about the non-Indicio version can get started here.

Indicio provides development and hosting for Trusted Data Ecosystems. Enterprise, consumer, and mobile applications run on Indicio’s network and use its comprehensive ecosystem of software to issue, verify, and exchange verifiable digital credentials.

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