A single graphic interface to manage network operator nodes

Enterprise-grade monitoring capabilities to identify issues and automatically alert network administrators

Network stability is among today’s top priorities in the decentralized identity community. Currently, multiple management consoles, user interfaces, and logins drive manual oversight processes prone to human error. The risk is that nodes can fall out of consensus leading to network outages or failures.

The Monitoring tool for Hyperledger Indy mitigates these risks through a single graphic interface to manage network operator nodes. The system automatically alerts network administrators to potential problems.

The Network Monitoring Tools dashboard. Each node’s individual network connectivity and contribution stats are seen here with the overall health of the network also discernable.
We recommend that all networks put tools like this in place to ensure consistent, proactive monitoring and troubleshooting—and that they have professional staff in place to respond to potential problems. This will drive confidence in decentralized identity networks as durable, interoperable platforms for verifiable credentials.

The Monitoring tool for Hyperledger Indy is available here.

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