Create Trusted Digital Ecosystems for travel

Digital Travel Credentials (DTC) improve the passenger experience at every step of their journey

What can verifiable credentials do for you?

Reduce lines: Check in and clear borders before arriving at the airport. Remove manual document checks, Skip long lines, keep passengers happy.

Reduce Fraud: Verify tamper-proof, privacy-preserving DTC credentials —shared on encrypted channels, tied to biometrics.

Reduce Liability: simple interface allows for users to keep any sensitive personally identifying data on their mobile device, and only share what is necessary, making storing and deleting it in a regulatory compliant way unnecessary.

Increase efficiency: Give passengers control of their data using privacy-by-design technology. Remove complex integrations and quickly share data across platforms.

    See the technology in action

    Border Management

    Quickly issue, share, and verify important travel information

    Financial Transactions

    Faster, more secure payments, account access and more

    Data Sharing

    Continuous connections ensure that your team is on the same page and can act quickly

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