Not all decentralized identity solutions need or can use a public network. This is why we’ve created Indicio’s Private Network Services. We can build you a private network fast with enterprise-grade network monitoring tools and support it all with our expert training for you and your team.

A custom-built, private decentralized identity network is a powerful way for your team to test, demonstrate and even bring verifiable credentials to market. This is why we’re launching the Private Networks build service. Our experienced team of engineers can get you up and running with your own private decentralized identity network in a matter of days. provides all the training and support you need, so that you can focus on building products and solutions that will drive your business forward.

What do we mean by a “private” network?

A private network requires permission to write and even read it, but can be as “public” as you want it to be. You have the control over your private network and grant whatever level of permission to anyone you want to access your network.

Typically, this sort of “permissioned” network is best used by government entities and companies or industries with shared specific interests, providing verifiable information to their customers, stakeholders, or citizens. Private networks give like-minded stakeholders the ability to implement governance policies that satisfy regulators and produce a reliable, hardened product for mission critical operations.

As long as interoperability is built in from the start, you will be in a position to take advantage of the “network of networks” effect. This is what happens when networks proliferate and credentials can be used across all of them. Specifically, this means that the credentials for your private network can be verified and issued on multiple networks, whether public or private. This guarantees that you will be able to take advantage of the expansion of decentralized identity for future business opportunities. This is also why we build on Hyperledger Indy—it’s the most widely used and robust interoperable platform for decentralized identity.

How does Indicio’s Private Network Services work?

With our deep roots in decentralized network development and management,’s experienced technical team can build you a customized private network to meet your specific business needs or industry requirements—and we can do it in days not weeks. We’ll show you how to run it, and we’ll provide you with all the engineering support you need to maintain it.

After installing the necessary code onto your servers, our professional architects configure the software, create the trustees to administer the network, then create and deploy the genesis transactions to start the network. And just like that–you’ve got a working decentralized identity network.

We also recommend you also take advantage of’s professional network monitoring services that detect and resolve network problems to keep your network running smoothly. We also can train all of the participants in your network on how to operate their nodes, along with the basics of issuing, holding, and verifying credentials so they have the tools they need to build applications and solutions directly to your network.

Unsure? Practice first with our TestNet

If you are unsure about whether a private network is the path you should take, you are also welcome to take a test drive on the Indicio TestNet. This is a low cost, low-commitment way for you to immerse your team decentralized identity. You’ll get the architecture support to figure out how best to implement your idea; and when you’re ready, and if a private network is the right step for you, we’ll help you move that to your own network. Play today, build tomorrow.

Want to know more? Contact us today about Private Networks, the Indicio TestNet or any of the range of services offered at Indicio.Tech