Reimagining Identity

We’re helping companies and organizations build decentralized identity solutions for a better, private, and more secure future.


Get up to speed in decentralized digital identity and its use cases; learn how to use verifiable credentials; learn how to run a node.

The Indicio TestNet

A concierge-class platform for developing your decentralized identity products and services.


We are the leaders in the field of decentralized identity training and taking one of our  courses is the best way to learn how this exciting new technology works. Our technical architects will walk you through the basics, help you identify use cases in your industry, and advise you how to develop a proof of concept. 

Hands on support

For those who want to start building decentralized identity products, we’ll give you the hands-on architectural and engineering to help to bring your ideas to life. We can help you set up a Node, and provide Node management as a service. We can also host, support, and monitor decentralized identity agents.

Product launch

For enterprises who want to migrate their current systems or want to build decentralized identity solutions from scratch, our consulting will get you the enterprise, cloud, and mobile apps you need to get to market. We work with global enterprises to realize the future of identity across all sectors and at all scales. 

The digital identity revolution is knocking. Behind that door is a range of technologies that can change the way you do business—and for the better. is the leading professional services provider in the field of decentralized identity. We work with businesses, global enterprises, and governments to implement innovative identity solutions at all scales. is a Women-Owned Business, WOSB certified.

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