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Our services

We offer a range of services that make self-sovereign identity and digital credentials easy,
helping to bring your solutions to market.


Our technical architects will walk you through the basics of decentralized identity. We’ll help you identify use cases in your industry and we’ll advise you how  to develop a proof of concept. 

Hands on support

For those who want to start building decentralized identity products. We’ll give you the hands-on architectural and engineering help to bring your ideas to life. We can also host, support and monitor decentralized identity agents.

Product launch

For enterprises who want to migrate their current systems or want to build decentralized identity solutions from scratch. Our consulting will get you the enterprise, cloud, and mobile apps you need to get to market.

Other hosting services and network building available on request

Our clients

We help clients develop the essential enterprise, app, and cloud agents to create interoperable decentralized identity-based products and services

R&D and innovation teams

SMBs, companies, governments, and teams looking to invest in the field of decentralized identity can get customized training. Receive analysis and core training on the latest in digital security technology.

Startup companies

Agile teams with some previous experience in decentralized identity who are on the road to creating innovative identity solutions. Receive
targeted development

Established enterprises

Large global organizations tied to legacy identity systems and see the benefits of migrating to a new way of identity. Get guidance in implementing a top-down redesign for more private and safer identity practices.

“I really enjoyed working with the Indicio team.  You have a depth and breadth of experince in decetralized identity that is really evident in all our discussions. The way you structured the sessions and helped us think about the space was very helpful in thinking about how we go forward with decentralized identity.”

Happy Client

About us

The digital identity revolution is knocking. Behind that door is a range of technologies that can change the way you do business. is a Women-Owned Business, WOSB certified providing the professional services our customers need to build the decentralized identity products their customers want.

The core technologies behind decentralized identity—blockchain and cryptography—won’t just solve the problem of identity online, they’ll usher in a new era of innovation that benefits consumers and businesses equally. 

Online identity is being reinvented. We see the opportunities in self-sovereign identity ahead. We’re here to help you grasp and implement them. 

Read a letter from our CEO, Heather Dahl


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