Welcome to a new world of verifiable data.

Build secure authentication processes, streamline customer interactions, and deliver better products and services.

Simple solutions to solve complex problems.

Indicio’s award-winning technology solution gives you the power to verify anything. Our flexible software solutions help you deliver safe, secure, seamless experiences that meet the needs of today’s users.

Lightning-fast decisions

Instantly verifiable data means you can do everything smoother, faster, better, and gain a competitive edge.

Secure and private

We’re turning identity access management on its head — instant, passwordless authentication without a centralized database.

Ultimate scalability

From anyone to anything to anywhere. No challenge is too big for verifiable data to solve.

Works with any system

No need to abandon your tech — add verifiable data and supercharge your existing solutions.

Verifiable data benefits every industry.

The gold standard in digitized identity documents

Governments can trust identity documents are authentic, haven’t been altered, and are biometrically bound to the traveler.

Safe, smooth, seamless travel

Pre-authorize travel and cross a border before leaving for the airport. No rushing, no waiting, privacy compliant.

Discover how Aruba deployed the Digital Travel Credential.

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Seamless account access

Go passwordless with verifiable credentials and prevent fraud and phishing. You always know your’re interacting with your customers and they always know it’s you.

Reusable KYC

Streamline customer onboarding and simplify services. Verify once, reuse often, and deliver smoother, faster, and trustworthy experiences for everyone.

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Open badges 3.0

Students can now hold their transcrips, certificates, and other datta in their own, privacy digital wallets making it easier than ever to to share and verify.

Academic access

Seamless authorization and authentication to access research materials, labs, and facilities.

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Mitigate fraud from fake ID

Tamper-proof verifiable credentials simplify benefits claims and reduce fraud. Combat deep fakes with authenticated data and biometrics.

Deliver, faster, user-friendly services

Transform paper-based processes with verifiable data. Digitize visas, passports, drivers licenses, business licenses and vital records. Make it easy for individuals to access the services they need.

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Permission AI agents and copilots

Verifiable credentials provide a powerful way to authenticate AI agents acting on a person’s behalf and to control the personal data they can access for each task.

Navigate the deepfake challenge

Authenticate biometrics with a verifiable credential to solve the challenge of deepfake audio and video.

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Create secure, seamless, and more efficient online experiences. 
  • Data
  • Identity
  • Employee status
  • Mobile drivers licences
  • Date of birth
  • Expiration date
  • Temperature
  • Financial information
  • Facility access
  • Certificates
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Indicio Proven is a complete solution for the creation, issuance, and verification of data. 

  • Get everything you need to create seamless, smooth, and satisfying digital experiences.
  • Extensible and scalable to your needs without replacing your existing systems
  • Backed by field-leading support from our team of industry experts

Add digital wallet functionality directly into any mobile app with the Indicio Proven Mobile SDK.

  • Pre-built and tested, no additional coding skills required
  • Keep your users close without third-party interference
  • Compatible with apps on both iOS and Android

More than just a digital wallet, the Holdr+ mobile application is your way to safely share data and communicate with verifiable, trusted connections.

  • Hold and share credentials directly on your mobile device
  • Enjoy peace of mind with secure, instantly verifiable communications
  • Options to implement your own unique branding

The Indicio Academy is the fast track for your product development and deployment,  giving your team the field-leading, certified training they need to succeed.

  • Delve into the technology and how it can change your business
  • Learn the relevant specifics of the issuer and verifier software
  • Understand the winning strategies for creating a successful product

The Indicio Network

The world’s only enterprise-grade network built for verifiable data and identity. Simple pricing for effortless scalability, backed by expert support.

Latest News

Indicio Serves Verifiable Data Solutions to Over 2,000 School Administrators with New Partner, USA Kansas.

Indicio’s new Software Developer Kit (SDK) makes creating and customizing digital wallets for any application quick and easy.

Dive into the Proven Mobile SDK with the developers who made it.


“The adoption of digital identities will be the biggest technology breakthrough in the travel industry in decades. It will simplify the identification process at every step of the journey and open up opportunities for the air transport industry to fully embrace the benefits of seamless travel and the digital economy. SITA, together with Indicio, are proud to be leading the charge.”

Jeremy Springall, SVP,
SITA at Borders

USA Kansas

“After learning about the technology and learning about the complete suite of software and tools that Indicio offers, we’re excited to use Indicio Proven to make it easier for our members to transmit learning transcripts and reduce the complexities associated with verification of information and data related to their educational achievements.”

Jerry Henn, Assistant Executive Director,
United School Administrators of Kansas

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"Indicio in my opinion is on the leading edge of a movement to treat data as a critical utility and deliver it at scale with machine readable verifiable quality metrics."

Steve Wilson, Vice President and Principal Analyst
Constellation Research

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"As a part of their digital transformation strategies, many enterprises are seeking out cost-effective solutions that enable them to participate in distributed ledger networks. By making NoDe available on Google Cloud Marketplace, Indicio customers will now be able to quickly deploy technologies that provide them with a fully-managed solution."

Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud

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