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Remove the need for direct integrations and create better quality data using open-source solutions, without vendor lock in.

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Simplify the development process for your tech team with Google Cloud

Discover the power of an efficient, scalable mediator.

Develop enterprise-class verifiable data solutions with the help of Indicio.

These solutions, built on decentralized, trusted infrastructure, allow enterprises and governments to instantly use and manage high-value data.

Ecosystem solutions

Prove anything with this complete, off-the-shelf, open-source, and interoperable solution for implementing verifiable data.

Get started with open-source decentralized identity technology in 30 minutes.


Test and launch enterprise-grade verifiable data and identity solutions on a professionally managed global network.

Devise and test verifiable data solutions — free.


Build your future in decentralized identity and verifiable credentials with the only set of training programs and certificates focsued on all aspects of  an ecosystem– from architecture to business to engineering.

What makes a Trusted Digital Ecosystem so powerful?


Rely on better quality data without costly backend integrations or expensive third-party services.


Build Zero Trust into any existing channel or service to enable trustworthy authoritative data.

Privacy preserving

Manage evolving global privacy regulations; collect information without violating the privacy of data holders.


Build using the gold standard of open-source and open standards for maximum, flexibility.

Use case

Transforming travel in partnership with SITA and Aruba

Verifiable data enables seamless border crossing using a Digital Travel Credential

Everything you need to quickly deploy verifiable credentials for specific use cases

Authenticate account data with a single tap or click.

Manage employee authentication in real time.

Move your solution efficiently into Indicio Proven.

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