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Tell us about yourself

Hi I’m Lynn! I’ve worked in the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) community since September 2018 as a network operations manager and tester. Before that I managed multiple teams at Perfect Search Corp., a search engine company specializing in healthcare searches and portals. I am detail oriented and love to find and correct any errors I discover in my coworkers blog posts 😉

Why is decentralized identity (DID)/SSI a passion of yours?

When I first heard the concepts surrounding decentralized identity/SSII about two years ago it was a little confusing at first, but as I learned more my excitement grew. You get to keep your identity on your own device and only share the parts that you want to share? You can prove things without disclosing the actual value e.g.,that you have greater than a 3.0 GPA without disclosing your actual GPA? This is super cool stuff!

What’s the most interesting use-case?

My favorite use case is the idea that we could possibly prove to someone or some entity that we are immune to COVID-19 and are not a carrier. For example, you want to visit a friend in the hospital and are currently suffering from allergies. If you could use Decentralized Identity credentials to prove that it is not COVID-19, you can see your friend despite having symptoms that might otherwise restrict your ability to visit. This kind of case has immediate practical relevance and could lead to a stop in the increasing disregard for the privacy of an individual’s personal data.

What’s next for DID/SSI?

Trust and expansion. As we build networks of trust around Hyperledger Indy technology, we need more credential issuers, holders, and verifiers to jump in and start using this great technology that’s already available.

What’s the future potential?

As more and more acceptance of the inevitable occurs (i.e. organizations and people using SSI/DID technology ideas), a global network of trust will emerge. People will begin protecting their identities within that network, and their identities will be more secure than ever imagined possible.

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