Recognized in Digital Safety, Governance, and Privacy Category for Disruptive Technology Leadership

By Indicio

Indicio, the market leader in developing Trusted Digital Ecosystems to verify and exchange high-value information, has been named a finalist in the 12th annual SuperNova Awards. Hosted by Silicon Valley research and advisory firm Constellation, the SuperNova Awards “recognize individuals and teams who are prioritizing disruptive technology and transforming their organizations with digital initiatives.” Indicio was chosen as a finalist in the Digital Safety, Governance, and Privacy Category.

Indicio is being recognized for the company’s ground-breaking work with SITA, the world leading provider of IT to the air transport industry, and the government of Aruba. Together they developed a complete Trusted Digital Ecosystem for using decentralized identity and verifiable digital credentials to create a seamless travel system for visitors to the island. This enabled people to share their personal health data — in this case, Covid-19 testing and vaccination — in a privacy-preserving way.

“Savvy digital leaders from all industries have made the move from digital channels to digital business models. Despite a high level of uncertainty, rampant inflation, rising interest rates, uncertain inventory and a massive labor shortage, this year’s SuperNova Award winners have made a significant impact to their businesses,” said R “Ray” Wang, founder and CEO of Constellation Research. “The lessons learned from these organizations provide a strong template and great inspiration for other leaders looking to pave the way in their organizations.”

“This technology lays the foundation for being able to authenticate and share any kind digital data in an immediately actionable way — it’s the verification layer that’s missing from the internet and it comes with a meaningful, powerful ability to deliver personal privacy,”said Heather Dahl, CEO, Indicio. “Obviously, both the Aruban government and SITA saw how this could solve the challenge of reopening tourism safely during a pandemic: The technology eliminated fraud and it solved the tricky problem of sharing private health data by removing the need for a direct integration with a person’s health provider or a third party. But they also saw how this solution could transform how we travel, how we work, and, ultimately, how we live in a post-pandemic world. They were visionaries in an incredibly tough time for the tourism and travel sectors — and just as we are honored to be nominated for this award, we honor them for giving us the opportunity to realize their vision.” 

Matthys Serfontein, SITA President, Americas, said: “We need to open up the world of travel, safely and securely, by moving ahead in terms of digital credentials to automate and simplify the passenger experience. Working with Indicio, the trial with Aruba is a huge step in showing we can achieve digital travel, making the journey convenient, safe and stress-free for passengers, while at the same time saving airlines and governments considerable valuable time in verifying credentials.”

Indicio is now working with the Aruban government and SITA to pilot an implementation of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Digital Travel Credential (DTC), which would create seamless travel for US citizens to Aruba. ICAO is the UN Agency responsible for global air transport standards. In addition, the SITA and Indicio, contributed the custom healthcare elements of the open source codebase used in Aruba Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) where, in 2021, it became the Cardea project, a complete open-source code repository for the exchange of privacy-preserving digital health credentials.

 “If data can be reliably authenticated without having to check in with its source or cross-check with a third party then that data can be immediately actionable in any kind of context. It’s no longer constrained by the traditional, siloed architecture of the internet,” said Dahl. “And if that data can be shared in ways that allow consent, protect privacy, and deliver security, then that data can be trusted. We say what we’re doing is building Trusted Digital Ecosystems, but that’s a shorthand for rewriting the structure of the internet, the web, digital interaction, and digital relationships. Imagine data being able to instantly prove it is what it says it is and where it came from. That’s a new kind of digital freedom — an open digital landscape that benefits everyone and creates new opportunities.”

In addition to the travel and health sectors, Indicio is building Trusted Digital Ecosystems for climate auditing, for connected devices, for fintech, the metaverse, and supply chains — each a case where identity and data need to be proven in a privacy-preserving way. All of these solutions draw on Indicio’s leadership in the open source community for innovative solutions, and benefit from Indicio’s business experience and field-leading technical expertise.

The 2022 SuperNova Award judges, composed of technology thought-leaders and journalists, selected finalists who demonstrated success in implementing cutting-edge business models and emerging technologies for their organizations. Finalists achieved remarkable results, including competitive advantage, cost savings and quantifiable improvements in agility.

Public voting for the SuperNova Awards will take place online from August 8 – September 2, 2022. The winners will be announced at the SuperNova Awards Gala on October 26 in Half Moon Bay, California, during Constellation’s Connected Enterprise.

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