Indicio Named Finalist in IDC’s Inaugural Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure North America Awards 

By Tim Spring

Seattle WA – September 14, 2021 – Indicio today announced it has been named a finalist in the inaugural IDC Future Enterprise, Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure North America Awards in the Ubiquitous Deployment category. The new awards were designed to highlight companies that demonstrate innovation and excellence in using cloud-centric computing to enable digital infrastructure resiliency, ensure consistent and ubiquitous workload placement and cost optimization across hybrid or multiple clouds, and take full advantage of autonomous operations.

The Indicio Network is the world’s only professionally-managed, enterprise-grade Hyperledger Indy-based network for decentralized identity. Indicio facilitates a consortium of 23 diverse, forward-thinking companies on five continents that are driving the use of decentralized identity to improve privacy and security in fintech, healthcare, travel, and the Internet of Things (IOT). Node Operators include GlobalID, Liquid Avatar, IdRamp, Bonifii, BizSecure, Entrustient, Blockspaces, Lorica Identity, and Networks Synergy. Learn more about the Indicio Node Operator Consortium membership.

“Being named a finalist in the IDC Future of Enterprise awards recognizes not just the accomplishments of Indicio’s dedicated professionals who designed and built the network, but of everything our network’s Node Operator community has done to support its establishment and maturity in such a short period of time,” said Heather Dahl, CEO, and co-founder of “We created this network to enable businesses use the power of decentralized identity to create Trusted Data Networks. These transform the way we authenticate, share, and verify data in a secure, privacy-preserving way so that information from people and connected things can be trusted. We’re seeing our Node Operators apply this technology to an extraordinary range of use cases—and they’re able to do that because they have a professionally supported enterprise-grade decentralized network to build on.”

Finalists joining Indicio in the Ubiquitous Deployment category are Toyota Financial Services for their Digital Infrastructure Transformation and US Air Force Cloud One. These organizations were recognized for their help to improve business agility and resiliency using outcome-driven infrastructure governance and portability enabled by subscription-based infrastructure consumption strategies and shared cloud management control planes. These initiatives often allow internal IT staff to offload infrastructure maintenance and support across widely dispersed locations by shifting to remote and intelligent vendor support and continuous technology refresh agreements. 

“We were overwhelmed by the number of thoughtful and strategic initiatives submitted and congratulate all the finalists named in our inaugural IDC Future Enterprise Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure North American Awards program,” said Mary Johnston Turner, Research Vice President for the Future of Digital Infrastructure – Agenda research efforts at IDC. “The finalists have effectively used digital infrastructure across on-prem, edge and public cloud platforms to transform their most important business processes and to launch new digital business innovations. They are to be congratulated for their vision and industry leadership!” 

Indicio Node Operators are responsible for supporting a copy of the Indicio ledger on the Indicio Network as well as guiding  strategy and ecosystem development. The number and business and geographic diversity of Node Operators is the foundation of its stability and resilience. Indicio supports the network with dedicated engineering staff and field-leading monitoring tools. To learn more about becoming a Node Operator, visit our website.

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About Indicio

Indicio provides development and hosting for Trusted Data Ecosystems. Enterprise, consumer, and mobile applications run on Indicio’s network and use its comprehensive ecosystem of software to issue, verify, and exchange verifiable digital credentials. Founded on the belief in reducing fraud, privacy by design, and user-friendly security, Indicio supports the open source and interoperability goals of the decentralized identity community. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Indicio is committed to advancing Trusted Data Ecosystems as a public good that enables people to control their identities online and share their data by consent. Identity and application teams rely on Indicio’s simplicity, extensibility, and expertise to make trusted data work for everyone.