Ken Ebert nominated in Blockchain Leadership Award category for vision and leadership in developing interoperable blockchain-based Trusted Data Ecosystems

SEATTLE — October 05, 2021 — Indicio, the world’s leading provider of decentralized identity and hosting solutions, today announced that company Chief Technology Officer Ken Ebert has been named as a finalist in the Blockchain Leadership Award category in the Enterprise Blockchain Awards (EBAs) presented by the Blockchain Research Institute. Ebert was recognized for his long-lasting vision for open-source identity technology anchored on a blockchain network to solve some of our most pressing online problems—verification, privacy, security, and user experience.

Ebert was one of the co-founders of, and he has been pivotal in nurturing it from its launch at the start of the COVID pandemic to its position today as the global leader in developing decentralized identity infrastructure and software for building Trusted Data Ecosystems. He built a virtual team of highly-skilled developers that is diverse in gender and nationality, and he developed an intern and mentoring program to create the needed skills in new recruits as the company took on more and more customers’ projects.

With Ebert’s team-focused leadership, Indicio was able to successfully create and deploy a complete decentralized identity based data ecosystem, weaving together health agencies, global technology suppliers in the travel industry, and national governments. The company’s continuing success reflects on Ebert’s  extraordinary ability to bring parties together and drive ideas and projects forward into workable technology that solves real-world problems. And, as a passionate advocate for interoperability in the open-source identity communities, Ebert isn’t just driving Indicio’s success, he’s helping to drive the adoption and evolution of blockchain technologies that promise transformative change and opportunity for everyone.

“Indicio’s success and its position as a global leader in the development of Trusted Data Ecosystems is a testimony to Ken’s seemingly boundless skill and wisdom. It’s not just his ability to analyze and clarify problems and guide our own team, it’s his tireless capacity to do so for all the companies who support the Indicio Network as well as our customers,” said Heather Dahl, CEO, Indicio. “That’s what makes him an outstanding leader. Part of that comes from character; part from experience; but a part of it is also a philosophy of ‘build now, build more, build better.’  When you think about the problems we’re trying  to solve, they’re huge. Ken is always the one to remind us—and our collaborators and customers—that we build solutions step by step. Let’s solve this bit first. And when you do this, and do it relentlessly, you’ll feel like you’re running and you can achieve anything.”

“I want to thank BRI for its dedication to helping enterprise leaders understand and implement blockchain within their industries. This is a technology that has  enormous potential to rewrite the way we do so many things in business and society,” said Ebert. “It’s exciting to be the CTO of a company that is driving that transformation through the Indicio Network—a distributed blockchain for identity—and through designing solutions that give people the ability to prove identity and share data in a way that preserves their privacy, in  a way that improves their security, and, above all, in a way that can be trusted. All this would be impossible without blockchain. I’m honored to be a finalist for this award;  but I’m more excited by what we—Indicio, our clients, the identity community—can do for the world with this technology. That’s the excitement that greets me every day—and I want to share it with everyone.”

The Blockchain Leadership awards honor people who have shown exceptional leadership in a blockchain collaboration or implementation within an enterprise, an industry, a government, or a multi stakeholder organization. The nominees are those that have gone above and beyond the job description to spearhead blockchain initiatives within an enterprise or ecosystem.