, a professional services firm specializing in decentralized identity, today announced that it is a stage one finalist in The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Trusted User Interface for Digital Wallets Challenge.

A digital wallet is an application that enables people to use verifiable digital credentials to prove who they are and to share information about themselves in a trustworthy, secure way, without the need for third parties to hold or manage that information.

The goal of the DHS Challenge is to design a user interface (UI) so that the process of using a wallet to access and perform these functions is clear, intuitive, consistent, and efficient.

On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, Indicio and the two other finalists presented and discussed their  wallet designs before a panel composed of representatives of the DHS Science and Technology Directorate, DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of Education, and the US Department of State. 

To become a stage one finalist, Indicio had to demonstrate that the wallet could be used to obtain a verifiable credential from an issuer, such as a Digital Permanent Resident Card from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. That credential had to be acquired in a way that demonstrated consent, and presented for verification to a verifier in a way that allowed for selective disclosure of personal information. The solution had to support the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Verifiable Credential Data Model and Decentralized Identifiers (DID) standards/specifications. Full details of the stage one requirements can be found here. 

The three teams will now take feedback and receive additional technical and UX requirements for the final stage, the date of which has yet to be announced. The team receives $5,000 for being a finalist and may win another $10,000 if selected as the grand prize winner. 

Wallet design with a customer-first approach
The Indicio approach is focusing all of our creative energies on solving the challenges using design thinking supported by a foundation of technical decentralized identity knowledge. 

At Indicio, we believe decentralized identity and verifiable digital credentials will transform the way the world works, solve a myriad problems arising from identity verification, and create new opportunities for innovation in business, government, and public services. But the unprecedented control people will have over their identities and data online will only happen if they feel in control of the technology. 

That’s where good design meets great engineering. Good design is not about creating beautiful things, it’s about giving people control over their lives, solving their problems, and helping them achieve their goals. 

At Indicio, we bring this kind of design-thinking approach to building our clients’ use cases. Want to know more? Contact us today and let us help you build the decentralized identity solutions your customers need.