Indicio a Finalist in CRN Awards for social impact

By Tim Spring

The CRN Tech Impact awards are given to IT vendors, distributors, and resellers for their social and environmental impact. This year, Indicio is a finalist in the Social Impact Project Category for its work with SITA, the world’s leading provider of IT to the air transport sector,  on verifiable credentials for travel.

Indicio worked with SITA and the Aruban government to develop a decentralized identity solution for managing Covid testing and vaccination for travelers to the tourism-dependent island. The goal was to avoid the need for airlines or governments to directly integrate with health care providers, while providing travelers with a tamper-and-fraud proof, privacy-preserving way to prove their health data (and thereby comply with health data privacy requirements).

After successful trials, the code was donated to Linux Foundation Public Health as a privacy-preserving way for public health authorities to share health data. Known as the Cardea Project, the codebase continues to be developed to address other health data sharing needs.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Indicio has made the advancement of decentralized identity its public benefit mission. The social impact of Cardea is enormous. There is now a complete open source decentralized ecosystem for issuing, holding, and sharing health data in a privacy-preserving way. At the same time, SITA’s application of the same digital technology promises to transform our experience of travel from check in to border control.

To read more about some of the work that was done you can read the original press release here or read the Cardea white paper.

Other finalists in the social impact category are Epson UK and Clevertouch Technologies and Interactive AV Solutions.

For the full list of categories and finalists, visit CRN.

Indicio is honored to be nominated and looks forward to the announcement of the winners in September.

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