The Indicio Proven™ Cloud Verifier provides an easy way for businesses and organizations to participate in verifiable credential ecosystems and use verifiable identity and data to build seamless digital processes. 

SEATTLE, July 25, 2023/ Indicio, the market leader in delivering enterprise-class verifiable data solutions, today announced the launch of the Indicio Proven™ Cloud Verifier. The Cloud Verifier enables any company or organization to instantly verify the source and integrity of data shared through verifiable credentials and provides a way for open-source decentralized identity ecosystems to rapidly scale.

The Indicio Proven Cloud Verifier makes it easy to:

  • Integrate with organizations and businesses that issue verifiable credentials
  • Verify any Hyperledger Aries-based credential
  • Work with any Hyperledger Indy-based ledger
  • Use the Indicio Proven API to export data to existing systems

“If a college issues a verifiable credential for a diploma, it is now easy for anyone to install the Cloud Verifier and verify the authenticity of that diploma,” said Ken Ebert, CTO of Indicio. “Similarly, does a worker have the necessary certification for a job? Any company will now be able to instantly verify those certifications or if they are issued as verifiable credentials. The easier it is to verify credentials, the quicker vital documents, qualifications, and records will be issued as verifiable credentials, the more they will be verified. This is a product that catalyzes the growth of verifiable credentials and Trusted Digital Ecosystems as sources of actionable data.”

The Cloud Verifier is the sixth release in the Indicio Proven line of open-source products for implementing verifiable data solutions for Web 2.0 and Web3 applications. The strength of verifiable data is that its source and its integrity can be verified without direct integrations or relying on third-party data management and with the ability to preserve data privacy.

“The Cloud Verifier drives scale,” said Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio. “Digital transformation will be built by hundreds of credential issuers creating verifiable data and hundreds of thousands of credential verifiers verifying that data. This new product  from Indicio means that anyone can take advantage of the verifiable data in a credential to reduce the risk of fraud and transform slow, paper-based processes into instantaneous, error-free, and frictionless operations.”

Click here for more information on Indicio Proven Cloud Verifier.  You can also contact us with any questions or if you want to learn more about any of the other Indicio Proven products.