The easy way to start using verifiable data

Create seamless digital processes for verifying identity and data and participate in verifiable credential ecosystems.

Access to frictionless verification

Integrate with businesses and organizations using Hyperledger Aries-based credentials for sharing verifiable identity and data.

Participate in Trusted Digital Ecosystems

Integrate with Hyperledger Indy-based ledgers and seamlessly verify the source and integrity of data.

Export data to your systems

Use the Indicio API to easily export data to your existing systems.

The Cloud Verifier scales Trusted Digital Ecosystems

  • Education: higher education institutions can issue a verifiable credential for a diploma. Use the Cloud Verifier to verify the authenticity of that diploma.
  • Workforce: businesses can instantly verify an employee’s certification for a job if they are issued as verifiable credentials.
  • Healthcare: vital documents and records can be issued as verifiable credentials, and verfied by other providers using the Cloud Verifier.

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