Decentralized identity can transform your business by protecting your company and your customer from data theft; it can increase privacy by allowing secure peer-to-peer interaction; and it can reduce costs by mitigating the risk from data privacy regulation violations. But where to start? is at the forefront of the decentralized identity revolution. We know how to build networks and how companies and organizations are using those networks to launch innovative identity solutions across a wide array of use cases. We also understand the practical challenges to new technologies that get in the way of great opportunities. We want to help you guide you to the future—now.

Key findings from a Forrester Research survey show that many businesses are looking at decentralized identity as a way to solve security, privacy, and compliance challenges. However, the survey also found that many companies were unclear about the mechanics of decentralized identity, found it difficult to understand and integrate into their operations, and missed many of the ways it could be applied to improve customer experience.

This is why now offers a range of training packages customized to your business and organizational needs. Our goal is to minimize the difficulties in implementing decentralized identity while maximizing the business value to you and your customers.

Training for everyone

When it comes to training, our starting point is that your company begins on the same page. Simply put, your business team and technical team must have a shared understanding of what this technology is, how it works, and what it can do for your company. Closing this knowledge gap is critical to successfully working together to achieve your goals. Whether you are new to decentralized identity or an experienced team in need of collaborative guidance on the product development lifecycle, we want you to come away from our interactive sessions with real-world takeaways and actionable plans for concrete deliverables.

As a guide, we’re committed to neutrality. We want to see you use the technology that meets yourneeds. When we make recommendations, they will be drawn from industry best practices, and  years of experience advising companies and organizations around the world as they too embarked on the decentralized identity journey.

Upon completion of an training, your team will be prepared to design, build, and market decentralized identity solutions, products and services.

Customized training for decentralized identity

We take a holistic view of what your company or organization needs to enter or grow within the decentralized identity ecosystem by offering combinations of the business strategy, governance, marketing, and engineering insights to  achieve a digital identity transformation.

We offer three workshop options to best meet your needs.

  • Individual  Briefings: This is a custom session designed to answer questions arising from your business context and needs. It can include the decentralized identity landscape relevant to a particular industry, vertical, or technical interest. Briefings can be especially valuable for customers who may require a focus in the business and marketing of decentralized identity and venture capitalists who are evaluating emerging technologies.
  • Decentralized Identity Workshop: This workshop is designed for architects, developers, as well as those in non-technical business roles who are exploring how decentralized identity can add value to their business.  We’ll explore  the right strategy and technology for your business.
  • Validator Node Operator Training: Looking to boost your team’s understanding of best practices in the design, development, and management of a validator node on a decentralized identity network? Whether you are new to running a node or an experienced operator, this workshop is designed to offer new insights based on industry best practices. All participants will gain an understanding of setting up a node, operating and updating a node, and implementing governance requirements.

Become a leader in the future of identity

Decentralized identity is transforming Web 3.0 and with training, you can  chart a path toward its adoption. Begin your digital identity transformation with today. Let us help you make the most of the future.

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