Training Packages

Looking to get up to speed in decentralized digital identity and verifiable credentials? Our custom trainings and workshops are designed to provide key insights into fundamental use cases, dive deep into the impact of the technology, and offer both technical and nontechnical audiences the opportunity to ask the questions they need to continue their education in decentralized identity. Because nothing beats learning by doing.

Custom Brief

One hour tailored briefing for companies and organizations that want to know what decentralized identity is, how it works, and how they can use it to transform their businesses and develop new products and services for their customers and users.

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Our bespoke briefings start with understanding who you are, what sector you’re in, and what you want to know. We’ll then structure a briefing that will take you through: 

  • Fundamental concepts, processes, and technical terms
  • Successful implementations and emerging use cases
  • Where decentralized identity fits into your sector and vertical
  • How it fits into your business model and where it can unlock value
  • What the challenges are and how to overcome them

 Who should attend

  • C-suite and executive leaders seeking to learn more about how this emerging technology can give their business a competitive advantage
  • Product developers and marketers who want an overview of current innovation and emerging trends
  • Venture capital firms researching an investment strategy in decentralized identity technology
Decentralized Identity Workshop

Hands-on learning designed to give your  business or organization an in-depth, practical understanding of how decentralized identity works. You’ll create, issue, and verify a credential. Then we’ll show you how to design a proof of concept.

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We’ll give you the software tools and the instruction to:

  •  Learn how a distributed ledger works
  • Anchor a public DID to a ledger, write a credential definition and schema, and issue a credential
  • Learn about revocation
  • Connect with an issuer, receive, and then present a credential to another agent
  • Create and request a presentation definition and verify a credential
  • Learn about selective disclosure
  • Design a proof of concept and get it into production.

 Who should attend

  • C-suite, engineering and marketing teams who want to know more about decentralized identity and use it as a way of mitigating risk, reducing cost, and delivering value to their customers and users.
  • Venture capital firms and consultancies that want to get in-depth knowledge of decentralized identity in action to better inform their research and their clients.

Node Operation Training

Decentralized identity is being built by companies and organizations like yours volunteering to run the validator nodes that support a network of distributed ledgers. This workshop shows you how to do this by doing this, step-by-step, with expert instruction.

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We begin by giving you an overview of what a decentralized identity network looks like, how it is governed (based on current examples), and the responsibilities you’ll have as a Steward—what we call those who run validator nodes.

Then we’ll move to interactive and hands-on activities, which will include: 

  • Validator Node Installation
  • Indy-CLI machine Installation
  • Setting up your Steward wallet
  • Installing an Indy Node
  • Final onboarding
  • Node Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Common problems and their remedies
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Where to go for help

Who should take this workshop

This is a workshop for any of the Engineers on your team assigned to operate and maintain your Validator Node. Any decision makers, CTO, CIO, or Legal teams interested in the Governance of decentralized networks are welcome to join the ‘Governance’ portion of the training. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an initial consultation?

Prior to your training, we will synch with your team to prepare the relevant topics to get you and your team immersed in the digital identity space. This conversation can be done virtual or by email.

Is the training in person or virtual?

We offer both! Online training is available during Covid-19 travel restrictions. If you’d like us to come to you there will be some added costs but we’re happy to travel as soon as travel restrictions are removed.

Will the training be customized for my industry?

Yes, it will. We specialize in government, financial services, education, aviation, and healthcare.

How many people can join the training?

Since this is a hands-on training, the best experience is between 20-25 people at a time.

What if I want more than just a day of training?

We can do customized consulting for longer periods of time. Contact us to set up a call with our team to talk through your needs.

If I want a different type of package what do I do?

If you’d like a different type of training, please contact us to set up a call with the team and we’ll work with you to design the perfect fit.

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