Indicio launches free trial of Indicio Proven™,  its award-winning verifiable credential solution

SEATTLE, Oct 10, 2023/ Indicio, the market leader in delivering enterprise-class verifiable data solutions, today announced the launch of a new, free, trial version of Indicio Proven™, its award-winning system for using verifiable digital credentials. With this free 30-day trial, teams can access Proven’s key features to develop seamless, privacy-preserving solutions for sharing and verifying data and identity.  

Proven is being used by global enterprises to drive digital transformation in agriculture, financial services, health, hospitality, tourism, and travel, where the ability to instantly verify data lowers costs and reduces the risk of fraud, creates efficiencies and better customer experiences, and enables new products and services through the ability to protect privacy and deliver digital trust. 

Interested developers should sign-up to be among the first to access this industry-leading technology built from open source components and open standards for trusted communications including W3C Decentralized Identifiers, DIDComm, verifiable credentials, and machine-readable governance.

“With the launch of this one month free trial service, we are giving people the opportunity to experience just how powerful and transformative decentralized identity technology is when it comes to being able to trust data,” said Heather Dahl, CEO and co-founder of Indicio. “It’s an entirely new tool for creating seamless digital interaction that can be used wherever and whenever data needs to be trusted. While there have been many promises made for digital identity, we’ve shown how to make it work — and how to deploy it using open source protocols with the least friction, the most flexibility, and the lowest cost. This is why, with expanding global partnerships, we are transforming entire sectors, laying the foundation for a better web, and seeding a new generation of digital innovation.”

“Proven solves a longstanding problem with decentralized identity technology — how to put it all in a box that customers can use to build complete solutions to meet their data needs,” said Ken Ebert, CTO and co-founder of Indicio. “It does nobody any good just to use another proprietary SaaS platform that spits out credentials written in some format that nobody can actually use, much less scale. Proven focuses on interoperability with other solutions that follow the open standards. We built Proven with every component you will need to issue, hold, verify, govern, and integrate the entire system directly into your own hosted environment. Our customers don’t have to worry about the underlying technology and can stay focused on implementing solutions that deliver real business value, reduce the costs of fraud and inefficiency, and on what matters most — driving innovation and growth.”

Indicio’s free trial provides:

10X faster deployment, which means faster time to value: Uses simple APIs to fit directly into currently deployed systems and tech stacks, boosting use of existing infrastructure investments.

Implementation of governance frameworks in hours —not weeks or months: Quickly and easily adhere to regulatory standards like SOC 2, eIDAS, HIPAA, and GDPR by customizing your own machine-readable governance file.

Minimal subject matter expertise needed to deploy: Indicio’s low-code, deployment-automated provisioning allows teams to move fast and begin realizing the value of actionable, verifiable data.

Investment into a fully deployable solution: Build using Indicio’s free trial,then quickly deploy into production with minimal modifications or enhancements.

Team of experts supporting you and the system: Claim 3 free hours of 1:1 support and access to our monitored communication channels to get your questions answered by our expert staff.

For more information about getting on the waitlist for Indicio’s new free trial, visit

About Indicio

Indicio is the industry’s leading component based low-code/no-code verifiable credential software and infrastructure system, designed to make verifiable credentials accessible for everyone. Founded in 2020 and built by the original engineers that first contributed to the open source projects and open standards technologies for Decentralized Identifiers, the system helps enterprises, governments, financial institutions, and other organizations that are building enterprise grade applications or using verifiable credentials, save time and money. Indicio Proven™ translates high-level application specifications into details and scalable systems. Learn more at