Decentralized Ecosystem Governance

Decentralized Ecosystem Governance (DEGov) is a set of rules for administering a decentralized ecosystem.

What is Decentralized Ecosystem Governance good for?

Decentralized Ecosystem Governance allows for an easy implementation by the authoritative party of the rules for the users of decentralized solutions. While all solutions will have rules, DEGov provides a simple way for whoever is running the system to change the rules and ensure that the rules are updated system wide.

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Business use cases for Decentralized Ecosystem Governance

Web3 Infrastructure

Adopt easy administration for your verifiable credential solutions

Educational Credentials

Build complex solutions that meet the needs of diverse groups of users

Border Management

Quickly adapt to changing laws and regulations, even in the most sprawling of systems

How Indicio can help

Indicio builds Decentralized Ecosystem Governance into our solutions using open-source technology to create as much of a “plug and play” experience for your organization as possible. We also have a tool, the Governance Editor that can be used to bring this form of governance to your solutions.

Benefits of building on open-source include on-going development and updates to the base technology, and a community of developers familiar with the space to avoid vendor lock-in for your project.

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