If you are attending the upcoming European Identity and Cloud Conference (EIC) in Berlin, don’t miss your chance to hear Indicio presenters and panelists discuss governance, the metaverse, and more.

By Tim Spring

The annual European Identity and Cloud Conference (EIC) is taking place in Berlin from May 9 to 12. Billed as “the place where the digital identity and cyber community comes together to set the course for the future of digitization,” the focus this year is on Identity governance in our modern world, including how identity will function in a more decentralized or Web3 internet. Several Indicio team members have been selected to participate both as speakers and as panelists. 

Decentralized Identity in the real world with Decentralized Ecosystem Governance

Indicio VP of Communications and Governance, Trevor Butterworth, will explain how Decentralized Ecosystem Governance (DEGov), which was pioneered by Indicio and which is now being developed as a specification at the Decentralized Identity Foundation” manages trust and interaction in a decentralized identity ecosystem. Drawing on Indicio’s experience implementing governance solutions with enterprises and governments, Trevor will discuss the importance of portable trust, automation, updating, and offline functionality, and the importance of decentralizing governance to accountability. . 

Digital Trust in the Metaverse & Decentralized Internet of Everything

Indicio CEO Heather Dahl and Deputy CTO Sam Curren will be joining a panel to discuss the future of digital trust. Central to the discussion will be the root of many headaches and malicious behaviors online — verification. As a long-time community contributor at Hyperledger and working group leader at Decentralized Identity Foundation, Sam will dive into how digital trust and verification are critically important to the future of online interaction, including decentralized healthcare, finance, the metaverse, and to the interaction of digital objects and non-digital objects in the spatial web—aka, the “Internet of Everything.” One key takeaway from this session will be how you can use a Trusted Data Ecosystems to connect people, machines, companies or any two entities to multiple businesses and jurisdictions without sharing private information. 

This will be Indicio’s third year attending EIC and there are always great conversations, connections, and learning opportunities to be had. A highlight from last year was the SITA-Indicio-Aruba team being recognized for the creation of the digital travel credential. If you are attending the conference and would be interested in meeting up with our team please fill out our contact us form and we will see if we can make that happen.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!