Vital Records

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Quickly issue, share, and verify important life and death documentation

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Quickly issue more secure documents through tamper-proof credentials that can’t be lost or stolen like paper records.


Share data more efficiently across systems with credentials that can be trusted as if they came from the original source.

Financial Institutions

Combat fraud through credentials that cannot be copied or falsified because the issuer is tied to the credential.

Key Benefits

Tamper-proof: unlike paper documents these credentials cannot be lost, stolen or copied. The credential is checked to have come from a valid issuer and is stored securely on the end user’s mobile device.

Faster data sharing: credentials allow you to trust data as if it came directly from the issuer, removing the need for multi-factor authentication and allowing you to immediately act upon it.

Lower liability: simple interface allows for users to keep any sensitive personally identifying data on their mobile device, making storing and deleting any sensitive information in a regulatory compliant way by the institution unnecessary.

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