Trevor Butterworth biography

Trevor Butterworth has spent two decades looking at how we understand and use science, technology, and data in society, with an increasing focus on helping the public access ideas and processes that can transform their choices about how they live, share their data, and protect their privacy.

As a journalist, essayist, and critic, he wrote for the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, and the New among many other publications. He was a science reporter for Newsweek and had a weekly column—“The Information Society”—for The Daily, News International’s iPad newspaper.

Trevor’s consultancy work includes the Sovrin Foundation; the American Statistical Association, where he transformed the organization’s approach to communications; and Cornell University, where he provided communications support to the flagship project for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal to achieve ‘zero hunger’ (SDG 2).

He has graduate degrees from Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University.

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