Using the Indicio Networks

Indicio provides three enterprise-grade networks for developing, demonstrating, and launching your decentralized identity products and services, built on open-source technologies.

The platform to get your proof-of-concept up and running. Develop and test with the support of our engineering team.

Ledger Fees: Free

Unlimited transactions


Environment for internal testing and development

The platform to showcase those all-important demonstrations in front of your c-suite and your customers. We have your back.

Ledger Fees: Free

Unlimited transactions


Environment for demonstration with external clients and partners

The platform to run enterprise-grade, mission-critical identity products and services with full, professional support.

Ledger Fees: $5,000 USD/yr

Unlimited transactions*


Environment for production-level solutions

*25% Discount for Node Operators

Choose a support package (optional)

Take advantage of the various support packages to suit your business and developer needs. Node Operators qualify for 1 free year of the Business level support package.





Start up

$500 USD/month


$1000 USD/month

Best practise checks Business hours, email access Essential checks Full checks
Technical Support Can send in requests Access to general Slack
Support channels
Private, account-dedicated Slack channel
Response times General guidance: 48 hours
System impaired: 24 hours
Tailored guidance: 24 hrs
System impaired: 6 hrs
Business critical: 1 hr
Tailored guidance: 8 hrs
System impaired: 2 hrs
Business critical: 1 min
Architectural guidance Contextual to your use cases Consultation; guidance based on your individual needs
Account management Designated engineer proactively monitoring your environment and assisting with your needs
Account assistance Concierge-level support

Choose your network support tools (optional)

Choose from the available network support tools to save time, money, and resources when using a Hyperledger Indy network.

Transaction Endorser Wizard$329 / month
This tool takes the hassle out of writing ledger transactions to any Hyperledger Indy network by offering a step-by-step script to guide you through the entire process. This speeds up your ability to make ledger transactions for your company, and on behalf of your clients. Make transactions in minutes, rather than hours.

Hyperledger Indy monitoring dashboardFree
Want live, updated information on the status of any of the networks? Use this tool to monitor node health, network stability, consensus, and potential issues. This tool, professionally-maintained by Indicio, enables consistent, proactive monitoring and trouble-shooting. This tool can also be connected to any Hyperledger Indy network.

This free, open source support tool was created to easily search and read the various transactions made to Indy ledgers. While Indicio’s ledgers are public and readable by anyone, they, like other networks, require special code to make it possible to download, access, and then read the transactions. IndyScan provides this service, and allows developers to speed up the process of checking for bugs, verifying writes, and reusing existing writes, all of which shortens development time and enhances interoperability.

Don’t see the tool you need? Let us know, and we can build it for you!