Employee verification made simple and secure

Authenticate employment status in real-time using scaleable, enterprise-grade verifiable credentials.

Efficient, scaleable, and revocable

See how verifiable credentials can help you:

Combat occupational fraud

Manage employee access

Reduces the time and labor of verifying global employee status

Enable continuous verification in a zero-trust security environment

Employer Benefits

  • Quickly verify information about employees with tamper-proof verifiable digital credentials.
  • Scale verifiable credentials to manage employment status of contractors, gig workers, and employees of all kinds anywhere in the world.
  • Easily revoke or reissue credentials if they expire, the employee leaves the company, or if a security issue is identified.
  • Simplify enrollment with external payroll and benefits providers.
  • Easily manage the continuous verification required by zero-trust security architectures.

  • Layer verifiable credentials onto existing systems quickly — implementations are achievable in weeks, and do not require replacing current systems.

Employee Benefits

  • Hold your personal information in a privacy-preserving verifiable credential.
  • Share individual items of information securely and by consent using encrypted, peer-to-peer communication.
  • Easily prove employment when applying to benefits programs or for mortgage applications and bank loans.

  • Simple, intuitive user interface uses QR codes, messaging, and swiping.

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