Welcome to Bonifii, the newest Indicio Network Node Operator


Denver-based Bonifii, the financial industry’s first verifiable exchange network for financial cooperatives, announced today that it has joined the Indicio Network as a Node Operator to support the continued expansion of decentralized identity across the globe.

Exclusive sneak peak for Newsletter Subscribers: Cardea Interop-a-thon


Tomorrow at the public community meeting, the Cardea working group chairs will be announcing the first Cardea Interop-a-thon. This is an opportunity to test your commercial verifiable credential solutions that are compatible with Cardea, with others from around the community. Register today!

Come see us at the Turing Trustworthy Digital Identity Conference!


It is our pleasure to have our joint session selected for presentation at this unique event. Please join Indicio’s CEO Heather C Dahl, Karl Kneis, COO of IdRamp and Chase Cunningham, CSO from Ericom, to present a discussion on Zero Trust in decentralized Identity.

Get Excited for Wallet-Mania!


In this fireside chat style event, moderated by Mathieu Glaude from Northern Block, we are bringing together leadership from IdRamp, GlobalID, Lissi, Liquid Avatar, and Trinsic to discuss the current landscape of the market, use cases, and the future of digital wallets. 

Liquid Avatar Technologies Launch Canada’s First Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Technology for Sharing Health Data developed with Indicio


Liquid Avatar recently announced the launch of the first Canadian blockchain-based decentralized identity solution for issuing and verifying COVID test results, developed in part with Vector Labs and Indicio, and using the Indicio Network. 

Upcoming Events


Here are a few events in the decentralized identity space to look out for.