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What We Can Learn from the History of Digital Trust 

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Why was the internet built without an emphasis on identity or security? Why are we still trying to figure these out 50 years later? What role will AI play in the future of digital trust? Join us for a brief look at the history of the internet, and let’s see what we can learn.

Identity Insights — Introduction to DIDComm with Sam Curren

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Indicio Deputy CTO Sam Curren joins the show in this first of a three part series to discuss the basics of DIDComm, how it came about, what the technology is good at, and how you can get involved with the project. 

Putting the You in UI/UX

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Your product or service lives and dies by your brand. So how can you make sure your brand is remembered and leaves a good impression? It all starts with user experience. In this article we look at how UX impacts your brand, a few tips and tricks, and look at Indicio’s approach.

Holdr+ Demo

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See a demonstration of how Indicio’s digital wallet can interact in a variety of scenarios, including being issued a credential, verifying a credential, and communicating with other wallets through DIDComm.

Blockchains and Energy Consumption (Revisited)

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The words “blockchain” and “energy” usually make uncomfortable reading as people think of the outsized energy and environmental costs that come with using cryptocurrencies; recently, however, blockchain technology is being seen — and being adopted — to do the opposite and drive sustainability in the energy industry. 

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