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Verifiable Credentials Digitally Transform Banking, Finance, and Payments

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A fundamental problem has plagued digital banking, fintech, and payments: how can you reliably know your customer is your customer? Indicio VP of Communication & Governance Trevor Butterworth unpacks how verifiable credentials address this major issue in a quick, easy to understand way.

Identity Insights — The IdRamp Story with Mike Vesey

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Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp, joins Identity Insights to discuss how IdRamp is addressing common security and identity issues with Zero Trust orchestration. Learn about real world applications of the technology, some key differences between federated and non-federated identities, and how identity orchestration can help your organization run more smoothly. 

Technical Overview of Decentralized Identity

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This free one-hour session will cover the components, codebases and standards involved in building Decentralized Identity technologies. The focus will be on Hyperledger Indy, Aries, Anoncreds, and Ursa and will end with information on where there are opportunities to learn more and get involved with these open-source code communities.

A Deep Dive into the Indicio Networks

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A decentralized network is a layer of cryptographic trust and a source of truth. Lynn Bendixsen and James Schulte, Indicio Director of Network Operations and VP of Business Development respectively, explain why innovators are switching to this new technology and the different networks Indicio offers to help them and you get started.

Updated: Conversation with Phil Windley & his new book: Learning Digital Identity

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Why is it difficult for companies to get digital identity right? This is the focus of the recent book by Phil Windley. Join us for an in-depth conversation between Windley and Indicio Deputy CTO Sam Curren on both the book and the changing landscape of digital identity. Five lucky attendees will be walking away with a free copy of the ebook.

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