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Web3 Is About Creating the Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

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Hype over web3 and the Metaverse has put selling an idealistic future ahead of building the infrastructure for digital transformation. Learn how that infrastructure currently being built is the real source of business opportunity in this article by Indicio VP of Governance Trevor Butterworth. 

What Does The Ledger Do, Anyway?

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Sam Curren, Deputy CTO of Indicio, explains how, in the grand picture of decentralized identity, the leger plays an important but relatively boring role. Learn what exactly is stored on the ledger, what is not, and what a typical interaction with the ledger looks like.

A Conversation with Phil Windley on His New Book: Learning Digital Identity

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Sam Curren will be sitting down with Phil Windley to discuss his new book, which focuses on why it is so difficult for companies to get digital identity right. Don’t miss your chance to hear Windley’s thoughts on legacy approaches and where he thinks the market is going—as well as ask any questions you have around digital identity. 

Market Signals — Increased Interoperability, Regulations, and Adoption to Come!

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We look at some predictions on what 2023 will hold for digital identity, increased interoperability between countries, and an interesting new intersection of AI and digital identity in this edition of our regular review of recent news from around the decentralized identity community.

Identity Insights – TOIP Trust Registry 2.0 Kick Off with Mike Ebert

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Indicio Enterprise Team Lead Mike Ebert Joins Identity Insights to share news and takeaways from the recent ToIP Trust Registry 2.0 Kick off meeting. Hear about the new initiatives the group is looking at this year, how an upcoming merge of efforts with the DIF might be in the works, and upcoming updates for the technology.

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