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A Conversation with Phil Windley on His New Book: Learning Digital Identity

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Why is it difficult for companies to get digital identity right? Phil Windley, co founder and organizer of the Internet Identity Workshop, one of the world’s most influential and long-lived identity conferences, sits down with Indicio Deputy CTO Sam Curren for a conversation on where and why companies struggle to implement this powerful technology and other topics from his upcoming book Learning Digital Identity: Design, Deploy, and Manage Identity Architectures.

Identity Insights — What’s on the Ledger Anyway? With Sam Curren

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In this episode of Identity Insights, we sit down with Sam Curren, Indicio Deputy CTO, to discuss the finer points of how a distributed ledger works, including what goes on the ledger, what doesn’t (to preserve privacy), and what an interaction with the ledger looks like.

Indicio Public Benefit Report 2022

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Indicio’s public benefit mission is to advance decentralized identity. Our first annual benefit report shows us how we’re doing by the numbers, showing what metrics we’re tracking to measure our success and how being a public benefit corporation shapes our business decisions.  

Indicio Wins a New Government of British Columbia Code With Us Challenge

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Indicio has been selected to upgrade Hyperledger Indy’s SDK thanks to a Code With Us challenge sponsored by the government of British Columbia. Learn more about this initiative as well as the Hyperledger Aries Bifold Summit Indicio is taking part in.

Proven Works — The Future of Employment Verification

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Proven Works was created to reduce the time-consuming and expensive process of employee verification and provide easy-to-use, tamper-proof employee identity. Mike Ebert, Enterprise Team Lead at Indicio shares his thoughts on the key benefits of this solution and why he sees many organizations adopting it to solve their employment challenges.

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